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We enjoy cleaning homes in New Berlin and other cities in the region. CHRIStal Clean is a local company, and our cleaning staff lives near, so we are practically serving our hometown. Also, we offer a wide variety of cleaning services, from affordable House Cleanings to more complex Deep Cleanings Services. Book yours by calling us at (262)391-1246 or entering our website.

We love being at New Berlin, WI

Although the town that later became New Berlin was founded in the 17th century, it remained an agricultural and rural area until the 1950s, when the city developed a true community. Since then, its population has escalated quickly. In that sense, New Berlin is one of the youngest towns in Waukesha County, but it still possesses an extensive history.

Locals pronounce the word “Berlin” with the accent on the first syllable, and that’s why the name of the city obtains a peculiar sound. Among the city highlights, we’ll find the highly organized Parks and Recreation Department with its many programs and activities for all ages. These peaceful and tranquil environments are ideal for raising a family.

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Services We Offer

CHRIStal Clean employees work following the same ideology, doing things that are detail-focused and disciplined. Our core values are integrity, health, growth, dedication, and even fun. We love being a local cleaning company because that gives us the flexibility that many of our clients need.

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Sanitization Services

Laundry and light cleaning

Laundry and Light Cleaning Service

Kitchen & utility room cleaning

Kitchen & Utility Room Cleaning

Living room cleaning

Living Room and Bedroom Cleaning

Bathroom cleaning

Bathrooms Cleaning

Stairways cleaning

Entry, Foyer and Stairways Cleaning

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At CHRIStal Clean, we specialize in residential cleaning, providing customizable services at affordable hourly rates. Customize your service depending on your specific needs. Also, we use to avoid toxic products and instead use natural ones, like essential oils. Being part of Cleaning For A Reason, we give back to the community and provide free services to people undergoing cancer treatment.

We accOmmodate you

YOU get to customize your schedule. Whatever frequency you desire, we can accommodate you!

We are local

We are a small local, woman owned who strives to ensure 'Clean AND Healthy' is not just a goal.

We use essential oils

We clean with doTERRA Essential Oils to provide a less toxic environment for your family.

We only clean residential homes

Residential cleaning, it's what we do, its all we do! Single family homes, condos, apartments, no home is too large or small!

We give back

We give back to the community. Ask about our current projects! We are a proud partner with Cleaning For A Reason.

We guarantee your satisfaction

CHRIStal Clean strives to provide the customer with a reliable, thorough cleaning, with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Top things to do in New Berlin, WI

New Berlin has excellent golf courses that amateurs and professionals will enjoy alike. New Berlin Hills Golf Course and Moorland Road Golf Center offer beautiful views, well-maintained grass, and dining options. The open spaces aren’t intimidating for beginners, so that you can ensure a fun day for the whole family or your group of friends.

If you’re traveling with small children, then you have to visit The Big Backyard, an indoor playground with multiple slides and ladders, perfect for a day full of physical activity. It also has a small structure for toddlers, including tricycles and feet style bikes. However, if your kids are older, Malone Park will be a better fit for them.

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Our Projects

From small apartments to large buildings, we give the same dedication and attention to detail to every client we have. Check some of our best work here.

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Our clients won’t let us lie to you. Discover the CHRIStal Clean experience through their words.

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